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Your Voice Matters

Village Middle School Speech & Debate

The Village Middle School Speech and Debate Team is proud to be the top 5 schools in the nation to receive the award for Overall  Schools of Excellence in Speech and Debate, Schools of Excellence in Speech, and Schools of Excellence in Debate, an achievement that reflects the hard work and dedication from our coaches and students. With 66 members and counting, our team is one of the most successful in the country, having won numerous local tournaments, state and national titles, with one of our most notable and recent victories, a National Championship title in Storytelling at the 2023 National Speech and Debate Association Tournament! Enhance your public speaking skills by joining our Speech and Debate Team, experience a community like no other, and discover your superpower!


Your tax-deductible gifts and donations allows The Village School Enrichment Organization, a registered  501(c)(3) to maintain that excellence, supporting the team's travel expenses and competition fees, which can sometimes make all the difference in achieving victory. Donations can be designated to benefit the Speech and Debate Team or to the Speech and Debate Scholarship Fund which will offer financial support to promising students who need it the most. Join us for our showcases and subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about the team and follow these extraordinary and passionate speakers and debaters.

"Let your voice carry, and let it carry others." - Wight
"Speech and debate is my superpower." - Anonymous

Our Team




Assistant Lincoln Douglas Coach

2023-24 officers

Speech Co-Captains

Naina Sheth (8th)

Rose Scamaroni (8th)

Debate Captain

Inaya Rahim - LD, PF (8th)


Farida Anbar. (8th)


Ayse Demirbas (7th)

Esmee Jivani (8th)

Congressional Debate Leader

Ishaan Trehan (8th)

Limited Prep Leader 

Kabir Rai (7th)

​​​​​Improvisation Leader 

Jaanash Sandhu (8th)

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team members

Abir Dass

Achille Rimoldi

Aira Saini

Amruta Gollakota

Angeli Thurlapati

Anisha Chandra

Annika Patel

Anushna Mohan

Ava Nguyen

Avery Chen

Ayse Demirbas

Barbara Silva Bastidas

Deepika Munnangi

Diya Benny

Ebunoluwa Akintoye

Esmee Jivani

Farida Anbar

Grant Wintermark

Hadi Saeed

Huda Yassir

Inaya Rahim

Ishaan Trehan

Ishwari Patel

Jaanash Sandhu

Jacqueline Kenney

Jiarui Zhang

Kabir Rai

Kingston Yeh

Kyounghwan Shin

Layla Barazi

Leo Geranton

Luci Huynh

Mateo Santana Giacon

Melania Gigliobianco

Mia Mathisen

Mohammed Morkas

Naina Sheth

Nazaha Momin

Ranvir Seshadri

Rhea Chidambaram

Rose Scamaroni

Safiya Gayibova

Sahaj Patel

Saisha Davinder

Samika Sadasivan

Sankarshan Batabyal

Sarah Hwang

Sathwik Allu

Shaila Thurlapati

Shivam Singh

Shritan Chokkarapu

Surya Parikh

Syrena Davinder

Theodor Hatzelmann

Tommy Shin

Vedanth Sriram

Vihaan Venkatesh

Viola Giudici

Vrisan Shah

Willem Jansen

Xavier Kalms



NSDA National Championship Tournament @ Phoneix, AZ - June 2023

Village was awarded Overall Schools of Excellence in Speech and Debate, Schools of Excellence in Speech, and Schools of Excellence in Debate

Middle School National Finalists:

Storytelling - Kolade Feyisitan - National Champion

LD Debate - Inaya Rahim - 2nd

Impromptu - Kabir Rai - 2nd

Humorous Interp - Roger Shen - 5th

Prose - Roger Shen - 3rd

Duo Interp -Roger Shen & Jaidan Doshi- 4th

Duo Interp -Sonya Mittal & Anthony Psyllos - 5th

Original Spoken Word Poetry - Tristan Mai - 3rd

Original Spoken Word Poetry - Kolade Feyisitan - 5th

POI - Tristan Mai - 3rd

Semifinalists (Top 12 in Nation):

Prose - Emma Kay - 7th

DI - Rose Scamaroni - 11th

DUO - Emma Kay & Tristan Mai - 7th

Congressional Debate - Ishaan Trehan

Declamation - Sonya Mittal - 9th

Declamation - Naina Sheth - 12th

Impromptu - Kolade Feyisitan - 11th


Quarterfinalists (Top 24 in Nation):

LD Debate - Janvi Natarajan (10th overall speaker in LD)

Impromptu Speaking - Ranvir Seshadri

Storytelling - Sophie Newman

Prose - Sophie Newman

Declamation - Roger Shen

(TJSDA) Texas Junior High School Speech and Debate Association State Tournament @ Alief Elsik High School - May 2023

School Sweepstakes Awards

The Village School - 2nd place


Individual Sweepstakes Award

Emma Kay - 1st Place Sweepstakes Winner

Tristan Mai - 2nd

Kolade Feyistan - 4th

Roger Shen - 5th 


Lincoln-Douglas Debate 

Janvi Natarajan -  Quarter-finalist, Best Speaker Gavel

Inaya Rahim - Quarter-finalist

Eshani Gale - Quarter-finalist


Congressional Debate

Ishaan Trahan - 5th

Annabelle Junadi - 12th

Kaitlin Hall - Semi-finalist

Grant Wintermark - Semi-finalist

Alejandro De Leon Gamez - Semi-finalist



Roger Shen - State Champion 

Naina Sheth - 2nd

Tristan Mai - 3rd

Rose Scaramoni - 4th

Jessica Luo - 6th


Dramatic Interpretation

Sophie Newman - 5th 

Rose Scamaroni - Semifinalist

Anthony Psyllos - Semifinalist

Jessica Luo - Semifinalist

Farida Anbar - Semifinalist


Duet Improvisation 

Emma Kay and Kolade Feyistan - State Champions

Liz Ovchinnikov and Mia Han - Semifinalist

Naina Sheth and Chidera Onubogu - Semifinalist

Morgan Shaw and Anthony Psyllo - Semifinalist


Duo Interpretation

Emma Kay and Tristan Mai - State Champions

Naina Sheth and Rose Scamaroni - 3rd

Jessica Luo and Morgan Shaw - Semifinalist

Sonya Mittal and Anthony Psyllos - Semifinalist

Sophie Newman and Chidera Onubogu - Semifinalist


Humorous Interpretation

Tristan Mai - 4th

Ayse Demirbas - 6th

Anthony Psyllos - Semifinalist

Kabir Rai - Semifinalist

Janaash Sandhu - Semifinalist

Morgan Shaw - Semifinalist


Impromptu Speaking

Kabir Rai - 4th

Ranvir Sheshadri - Semifinalist


Informative Speaking

Mohammed Morkas - 5th

Kabir Rai - 6th


Original Oratory

Kabir Rai - 6th 


Original Spoken Word Poetry

Emma Kay - 2nd

Kolade Feyistan  - 3rd

Naina Sheth - Semifinalist

Farida Anbar - Semifinalist

Jaidan Doshi - Semifinalist

Rose Scamaroni - Semifinalist


Poetry Interpretation 

Tristan Mai - State Champion

Emma Kay - 4th

Morgan Shaw - Semifinalist


Program Oral Interpretation

Esmee Jivani - 3rd 


Prose Interpretation

Roger Shen - 3rd

Sophie Newman - Semifinalist



Kolade Feyistan - State Champion

Ayse Demirbas - 2nd

Roger Shen - 3rd

Sophi Newman - Semifinalist 

Jaidan Doshi - Semifinalist

Olle Owl Invitational @ Olle Middle School - Feb. 2023

School Sweepstakes Award

The Village School - 1st place

Amber Bonner-Mackey Spirit Award

Annabelle Junadi

Individual Sweepstakes Award by Ernest M. Evans II

Tristan Mai - Winner

Emma Kay - 2nd

Roger Shen - 5th

Congressional Debate

Kaitlin Hall - 9th Place

Annabelle Junadi - 9th Place

LD Debate

Janvi Natarajan - Champion

Eshani Gale - 3rd Place

Gayatri Khade - Quarterfinalist

Inaya Rahim - Quarterfinalist


Roger Shen - Champion

Jessica Luo - 2nd Place

Chidera Onubogu - 3rd Place

Naina Sheth - 4th Place

Sonya Mittal - 5th Place

Humorous Interpretation

Roger Shen - 2nd Place

Morgan Shaw - 3rd Place

Anthony Psyllos - 4th Place

Sophie Newman - 5th Place

Extemporaneous Speaking

Kaitlin Hall - Semifinalist

Eshani Gale - Semifinalist

Dramatic Interpretation

Sophie Newman - Champion

Farida Anbar - 3rd Place

Roger Shen - 5th Place

Sonya Mittal - 6th Place

Jaidan Doshi - Semifinalist

Program Oral Interpretation

Tristan Mai - 2nd Place

Original Spoken Word Poetry

Tristan Mai - Champion


Roger Shen - Champion

Tristan Mai - 2nd Place

Kolade Feyisitan - 4th Place

Ayse Demirbas - 6th Place

Jaidan Doshi - Semifinalist

Sophie Newman - Semifinalist

Junior Prose

Farida Anbar - 6th Place

Senior Prose

Roger Shen - Champion

Sophie Newman - 2nd Place

Emma Kay - 3rd Place

Junior Poetry

Morgan Shaw - 4th Place

Senior Poetry

Emma Kay - Champion

Tristan Mai - 3rd Place

Roger Shen - Semifinalist

Duet Improvisation

Kolade Feyisitan & Emma Kay - Champions

Naina Sheth & Rose Scamaroni - 3rd Place

Ishwari Patel & Mohammed Morkas - Semifinalists

Liz Ovchinnikov & Mia Han - Semifinalists

Jaidan Doshi & Jaanash Sandhu - Semifinalists

Solo Improvisation

Jessica Luo - 2nd Place

Anthony Psyllos - 3rd Place

Emma Kay - 5th Place

Sophie Newman - Semifinalist

Liz Ovchinnikov - Semifinalist

Duo Interpretation 

Tristan Mai & Emma Kay - Champions

Naina Sheth & Rose Scamaroni - 2nd Place

Morgan Shaw & Jessica Luo - 3rd Place

Ishwari Patel & Farida Anbar - 6th Place

Sonia Mittal & Anthony Psyllos - Semifinalists

Sophie Newman & Chidera Onubogu - Semifinalists

Original Oratory

Kabir Rai - 5th Place

Kolade Feyisitan - Semifinalist

Mohammed Morkas - Semifinalist

Informative Speaking

Mohammed Morkas - 2nd Place

Television Commercial

Ayse Demirbas - Champion

Kolade Feyisitan - 6th Place

Ranvir Seshadri - Semifinalist

Aadhav Kesavan - Semifinalist

Jaidan Doshi - Semifinalist

Impromptu Speaking

Ranvir Seshadri - 3rd Place

Kabir Rai - Semifinalist


Team Info

Practices are held every Monday, 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Meets in room MS216

$300 Annual Club Fee

First tournament is free

If you want to join the team or have questions about the team,

contact Mrs. Huffman at 


naina sheth

Speech and debate has given me an opportunity to enhance my presentation skills and has given me a sense of community like no other.

ayse demirbas

Speech and debate has taught me that hard work and determination pay off and that being a part of a team is is an awesome experience.

Rose scamaroni

I would recommend joining Speech and Debate because not only has it taught me to build more confidence when performing in front of others, it is also such a great community to be a part of.

Inaya Rahim

Before I started debate, I struggled with speaking up in front of anyone, and I had almost no confidence in myself. Joining speech and debate helped me learn how to share my thoughts and opinions and gain confidence, and I can't imagine myself without S&D.
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