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Nurturing Creativity and Originality

Fine Arts

The Village School Enrichment Organization is committed to promoting the belief that every student should have access to a quality Fine Arts education. Gifts from donors allow our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to support the Fine Arts program at The Village School by providing resources that allow students to explore their creativity and originality in a collaborative and supportive environment. Our financial support goes beyond the classroom to fund musical instruments, competition fees, travel expenses, and experiences such as master classes and workshops for art, theater, music, choir, band, orchestra, and more - all of which are designed to nurture students’ passions and enhance their overall educational experience. Your support allows us to continue providing these invaluable opportunities to students for years to come.

Fine Arts Programs






Visual ArtS - 2D and 3D

Visual Arts - Digital and Media

Comedy Sportz

Winter in Rostock


Friends of Fine Arts (FoFA) is thrilled to announce our Fall Fundraisers to support and celebrate the arts! Our goal is to raise money for Fine Arts students and programs and provide them with the resources and experiences they need beyond the classroom. With two incredible prizes, each valued at $800, you can donate and celebrate the holidays, knowing that your donations go directly to supporting fine arts education. Prizes will be drawn at one of the holiday concerts in December. We thank you for your support and hope you will consider giving back to the Fine Arts community today!

Click on the flyers to donate!

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